Malcolm Smith :: malxau

Full time hacker, part time hacker

Hi, I'm Malcolm, commonly referred to on the Internet as malxau. I write software for a living, and end up writing a fair bit for fun too.

I'm originally from Australia (hence the 'au') but currently live in the US in the Pacific Northwest.

Chances are, you're either running my software now or you've run it in the past. I spent 16 years at Microsoft and contributed to the low levels of the Windows operating system, and had previously contributed to popular open source projects including Firefox and Putty. Unfortunately most of my software tends to be invisible, but it's occasionally visible, such as the Windows 10 Environment Variable Editor or the temporarily visible system compression.

Despite being at Microsoft, I still regularly use Linux, Macs, and Android. I have a strong preference for platforms that I can develop for and freely distribute whatever I come up with (sorry iOS.)

Being a bit of a nerd, I often write tools for fairly nerdy PC users or write about fairly nerdy PC development topics.