WinCvt is a suite designed to assist in interaction with Windows converters. Windows converters (also referred to as office converters) are the .cvt files which allow one application to open or save files from a completely foreign format. WinCvt consists of a shared DLL for writing applications which use converters, documentation, a converter wizard, command line conversion, converter installer, file type detector and converter interrogator.

Screenshot of converter wizard


This software is licensed under the terms of the GPL Version 2 license.


Precompiled Binary installer (with MiniCRT)
wincvt-win32-installer.exe (version 0.4.1, 105.7 Kb, last updated 28 Feb 2016)
Source code (version 0.4.1, 129.5 Kb, last updated 28 Feb 2016)

System Requirements

To run WinCvt, you need Windows 95 or NT 4 or newer. Getting value from it will require some converters, listed in the resources section. Note that Office 2016 is no longer capable of supporting WinCvt, since it ships in a prepackaged form designed to prevent interoperability with third party components.

To compile from source, you need Visual C++, version 4 or newer. Notably, gcc is not currently supported; you can help accelerate gcc support by lending a hand and sending a patch. Free versions of Visual C++ are included in the Visual C++ 2015 Build Tools, Windows SDK 7.1 (2010), or Windows SDK 7.0 (2008).

Build instructions

  1. Open a command prompt to your version of Visual C++ and set up your environment.
  2. Unpack and enter the WinCvt source tree.
  3. Most of the time, just run "build" or "build help". If that doesn't work right for you...
  4. Define which version of Visual C++ you are using in the MSC_VER environment variable:
    For this version of Visual C++Use this compiler version
    Visual C++ 4.xMSC_VER=1000
    Visual C++ 5MSC_VER=1100
    Visual C++ 6MSC_VER=1200
    Visual C++ .NETMSC_VER=1300
    Visual C++ .NET 2003MSC_VER=1310
    Visual C++ 2005MSC_VER=1400
    Visual C++ 2008MSC_VER=1500
  5. Type:
    NMAKE /f Makefile.w32 help
    for options. In most cases, default settings are sufficient. If you are using the standard edition or Visual C++ toolkit, you may wish to define the MSC_ED value as well.


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Works 6.0 Converter for Works and Word Users
Works 2000 Converter for Word 97/2000 Users
Works Converter for Import/Export of Works Word Processor (.wps) Documents (Works 4.x)
Word 97/2000 Converter for Word 6 and 95 Users (Windows 32-bit Operating Systems)
Word 6.0/7.0 32-bit Converter
Works 2000
Word 97/2000 Import converter
Word converter for works for windows
Supplemental Converters Microsoft Word 97
Ami Pro 3.0 Converter for Microsoft Word for Windows
Updated 32-bit Microsoft Word 6.0/7.0 Converter
WordPerfect Converter for Microsoft Word for Windows NT
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