Due to a lack of resources to compile binaries on every conceivable architecture, in most cases you will need to compile Antinat from source. This process is relatively straightforward on most platforms; your mileage may vary. If you do have any compilation problems, please send me an email with the platform you were compiling with, the compiler, and most importantly, a complete log of the build process.

Note: Antinat is not malware! Antinat, like any SOCKS server, enables you to traverse network boundaries once you have access to a machine. Whether this is malicious or not depends on who installed and configured the software. If you're on this website looking to install and configure this software, that means it's no more malicious than you.

Release dateWindowsSource code
0.9120 Feb 2017antinat-win32-installer.exe (166.2 Kb)antinat-source.tar.bz2 (477.7 Kb)
0.909 Jan 2005antinat-win32-installer.exe (194.8 Kb)antinat-source.tar.bz2 (277.9 Kb)